Modular Design

Tipto can design Custom layouts using our modular system, a series of carefully thought out spaces in combination to create sustainable buildings tailored to suit any individual or family . Have a browse through our Module library for some more information or click the button below to see how it works.

1. POD.jpg


The Pod is our flagship module. Although it presents as a simple space, the Pod is dynamic, created to serve as whichever space is required, be it a Bedroom, Office, Music room, Art Studio or lounge. With considerable storage and concealed desk space, the Pod can be manipulated to serve any purpose.

4. NEST.jpg


The Nest is the hub of the home. Our take on the typical contemporary living space. Much like the Pod, the Nest is dynamic and interchangeable. The kitchen, complete with a portable island bench and concealed appliance cupboard, emphasises functionality and provides for any situation.

2. WET-1.jpg

Wet - 1

The Wet 1 module serves as both an Ensuite and stand alone bathroom with a double Vanity and full length shower. A timber privacy screen and garden create a private garden outlook, captured by the full height window bringing the external inside.

3. WET-2.jpg

Wet - 2

The Wet 2 module, like its bath-less cousin Wet 1, serves as both a stand alone bathroom and Ensuite. This module however comes with a single vanity, allowing space for the bath. The timber privacy screen and garden create a private haven, delivering the feeling of bathing outside.

5. LAUNDRY.jpg


We all need a Laundry, and one that functions well. The Laundry Modules have been developed to serve as needed and hide when not. With a drying rack and window for ventilation, the Laundry works regardless of season. There are two size options, 1800mm and 1200mm.

6. STORE.jpg


The storage modules, 1800mm and 1200mm wide, provide the necessary storage requirements of day to day life. With a combination of adjustable shelving and full height broom space, the storage units are a practical addition to any home.



Car storage with a lighter footprint. Equipped with Electric car charging points, the Carport serves the same functions of the Garage, with a more lightweight aesthetic.



The Garage module serves not only as secure car storage but also a combination of a workshop and store room. The Garage module has been designed with an extended depth to facilitate both shelving and bench space while maintaining plenty of passage space passed parked vehicles. The Garage module comes fitted with Electric car charging points as standard.