Titpo’s Smart home system is our standard. Designed to conserve energy, maintain a comfortable temperature and increase livability. Smart Home technology is developing at an ever increasing rate and we pride ourselves on including the most current and high performing technology available within our homes. These are not toys or gadgets for the sake of having them, they are carefully considered components within each of our designs that serve purpose and function to improve a buildings performance and the quality of life of it’s inhabitants.

Keep in mind you can further add to and program your system as you please, nothing is off limits.


A quick overview...

  • The entire Home system can be monitored remotely, Ensuring lights are turned off and your home is not using unnecessary energy.

  • All of our homes include Solar photovoltaic systems and Battery storage. While grid connection is still required to fill in the gaps, the energy system will have been carefully specified to satisfy the majority of  the electrical demand of the building.

  • The Battery storage levels, Photovoltaic system energy generation and overall residence energy consumption is monitored, with the information available anywhere at anytime from your phone.

  • Our homes require very little mechanical heating or cooling, if they do, it is only required during the extremes of summer and winter. Hydronic under-slab heating with an Air-to-Water heat pump can be included if requested. The system can be programmed to operate automatically to moderate a comfortable indoor temperature.

  • An all in one temperature, light, humidity, vibration and UV light sensors are installed in every habitable room. This Creates an environment that can moderate itself. From turning off lights that have been left on to triggering temperature control systems when a room gets too hot or cold. The limits really are endless.

  • While our homes are designed to maximize natural light, artificial lighting is still a significant component of any home. Our homes are fitted with low energy IC-F rated downlights (IC-F rated means we can lay roof insulation over the light, maximizing thermal efficiency).

  • With Energy sensors installed to the main appliances you can receive notifications on your smartphone device if anything has been left on that shouldn't be, such as the Oven or Hotplate, creating not only a more efficient home, but a much safer one as well.

  • The front door comes fitted with a Smart lock. From remote access to let guests in to receiving a notification when the kids have arrived home from school, you are in complete control.

  • Blinds can function automatically, you can program them to open when your alarm goes off for a nice, naturally lit awakening as well as close them from your smartphone on a hot day to help keep the home cool.

  • The smart home system can be controlled by voice, with the inclusion of products like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa, your home truly becomes intelligent. With the ability to respond to questions, turn lights on and off and operate heating and cooling systems. The future doesn’t seem so far away.