a little bit about us.

Tipto is a sustainability initiative created to contribute to a growing environmentally conscious community. We believe that the days of unnecessarily large trophy homes, fast fashion, unethical consumer products and unsustainable lifestyles are slowly coming to an end. As we as a society begin to understand and appreciate the effects our homes and lifestyle choices can have on the environment, we see better more carefully considered decisions are being made.

At Tipto we are along for the ride. We have dedicated ourselves to doing what we can to help our community evolve into a more considerate and environmentally conscious one. Through providing sustainable, intelligent homes with smaller environmental footprints as well as contributing to the discussion of healthier, happy lifestyles, we truly believe that one step at a time, we can make our world a happier, healthier more sustainable place.

Tipto is an open forum, we may at times lack a little polish, act a little casual and enjoy ourselves a little too much, but that is who we are, we are human, not robots... A healthier, more sustainable future is something worth working towards and we want to work with you to achieve it. Please feel free to join the discussion by clicking the button below, nothing is off limits, we are all here to learn and grow and hopefully leave the planet a little better off than when we found it. Tread lightly. Make a mark.

A Sustainable building needs to minimise the energy it requires to function. Passive Design principles play a significant role in a building’s performance, potentially being the most important factor.

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