Tipto is dedicated to providing carefully considered buildings with smaller environmental footprints. Our design philosophy and intent is founded on 5 guiding principles. Sustainability, energy efficiency, Passive Solar design, Biophilic design and functionality.


Tipto was created to contribute a more sustainable option when it comes to our built environment. From careful material selection, such as ensuring all timber used is sourced from sustainable plantation forests and FSC rated to designing smaller more functional spaces to avoid unnecessary material waste, what we produce treads lightly on our environment.


Passive Solar

Passive solar design principles look to naturally heat and cool the spaces we inhabit, keeping them comfortable without mechanical aid. From careful consideration of a building's siting and orientation to the location and size of windows, as well as the appropriate insulation of walls and sealing of air gaps, passive design could be considered the most important contributor to a sustainable built environment and is at the forefront of our minds throughout the design process.


energy efficiency

Going hand in hand with Passive solar design, Energy efficiency is a major contributor to a sustainable building and a lighter environmental footprint. Through the use of Photovoltaic solar arrays and battery storage, as well as a careful selection of energy saving light fixtures and appliances, we look to have the buildings we design produce the energy required to function themselves, keeping energy bills extremely low or eliminating them all together.


biophilic design

Biophilia is humankind's innate biological connection with nature. It is known that connection with the natural environment can reduce stress, enhance creativity and heal the mind and body. As our world continues to urbanise, it's never been more important to carefully consider that connection. Biophilic design principles employ methods and practises to not only maintain this connection with our surroundings but improve them in our day to day lives. These principles are an integral part of our design philosophy,



Function takes precedence to size, it's that simple. Bigger is not better. We at tipto carefully consider each space and the relationship it has with inhabitants. How the space is used, access, practicality and a general design logic are principles we take very seriously.